Top eTrike Stops in Whangamatā

We love everything Whangamatā has to offer, but our beach takes the cake. Voted the best beach in New Zealand in 2018 by NZ Herald readers, the 6km coastline stretches alongside the town. Enjoy the views of stunning surf breaks and the inspiring Whenuakura (aka Donut Island) from many points along the way. 1. Coffee Culture Our beautiful town is densely packed with coffee culture. Stop for lunch at one of our many local cafes and enjoy a coffee or delicious burger. The great thing about a food or coffee stop on our eTrike is you don’t have to worry about how cardio is going to feel on a full belly! 2. Sweeten the Ride Nothing says “beachside town” like an ice cream stop. Check out the many delicious cafes and restaurants, boutique shops, and galleries to inspire your senses. You will be spoilt for choice with the many surf… Continue reading Top eTrike Stops in Whangamatā

Welcome to Coast Trikes!

So… ALL Fun-Seekers? Unlike two-wheeled devices like ebike or segways, or even ordinary tricycles, our eTrikes are specially designed to be accessible for a wide range of people. With a stand-up design, full balance, maneuverability, and suspension, as well as a powerful battery, our eTrike is a super safe and easy ride for people with less mobility or confidence. If you are or know someone who is disabled or elderly who wants more access to adventure, look no further! Anyone into fitness can work in tandem with the eTrike to build up those hamstrings and still go further than you might on person-power alone. The eTrike is also great for adventurous kids – parents can be assured that the youthful itch for thrill will be satisfied with far less risk. eTrikes provide a sense of freedom for people from all walks of life, and we are excited to welcome anyone… Continue reading Welcome to Coast Trikes!