About Our eTrikes

Easy, safe, and fun to ride, our eTrikes are available for hire. So book now!

You don’t need to be confident on a bike to have a go! With a stand-up design, riders have more control and less body strain than they would with a scooter or bicycle. Running for up to 50km on a single charge, our eTrikes open up opportunities for seeing more without the need for a car or a high level of fitness or ability.  Simply step onto the riding platform and you’re away!

So Easy!

Anyone can enjoy our eTrikes, but we are especially excited to provide an activity that can transform the lives of people who have been limited to the kinds of adventure pursuits they can enjoy. People with disabilities and elderly people around the world have had their lives changed when they have ridden eTrikes.

The unique design of our eTrikes provides riders with a low centre of gravity, which makes riding safer and more stable.

  • Highly maneuverable
  • Easily adjustable speed
  • Minimal balance required
  • Smooth ride
  • Stand-up design
  • Three wheels for balance
  • 1 Hour Hire $25
  • 2 Hour Hire $45
  • 3 Hour Hire $65
  • 4 Hour Hire $85

A High Quality Ride

Here at Coast Trikes, we are committed to bringing the best quality and safe experience to our customers. The high performance of our eTrikes can only be delivered with the most high-quality materials. Some of the key features that set our product apart are:

  • Adjustable speed limit up to 25kph

  • High Quality Disc Brakes

  • Smooth Riding Shock

  • Four-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery


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